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About Us

We have been raising rabbit for many years. We strive to product rabbits that are of high quality for meat and breeding stock. We currently raise New Zealands in White, Red, Black, Blue and Broken (broken means a spotted rabbit, not a rabbit that is broken!), Californians, American Chinchillas and a few Standard Rex. 

Our rabbits are in sheds that allow plenty of ventilation and natural light, and also have artificial lights in the winter months. In the summer they have unlimited water from an automatic watering system. Because this is Canada, this system freezes in the winter, so the rabbits are individually watered with their own water bowl throughout the day. This is time consuming, but part of what we do to keep the rabbits in the best of health. They are fed a commercially prepared pellet that has been approved by our vet. It is specially made for us and delivered to the farm in one ton quantities. Each ton lasts us only a few weeks, which insures the rabbits are always being fed fresh feed. Our rabbits are fed free choice feed unless there is a special reason for them to require a more limited diet. 

We show in ARBA Sanctioned Shows throughout Ontario and New York when we get the chance. 


Our poultry is free range and pastured as much as possible.